Our Philosophy

We understand that occupation is a necessary part of maintaining skills and improving the wellbeing of the people that chose to live with us, so social stimulation is a high priority at Butterfly House. We have a varied programme of activities which The activity planning is done in conjunction with our service users, who, as part of our person-centred approach to care, are always encouraged to participate in the process. As part of our commitment to a range of activities, Butterfly House has its own café in the gardens and a variety of casual areas on the ground floor where everyone can enjoy relaxed seating

The home has WiFi connection in all areas for our state-of-the-art Magic Table which is an interactive source for all to enjoy. The pretty, moving light projections stimulate intuitive movements.

Varied stimulation

We recognise that our service users need a variety of activities. other within and outside of the home. We design our interactions to reflect the importance of a selection of stimulating experiences. This ranges from traditional books and puzzles, through to music and visual activity, to organised outings, for which we have the use of a minibus.

We understand that activity can also mean relaxation, and as well as having an area designed to induce sensory calm, we make use of music and lighting to create a soothing atmosphere when the need arises.

Our activities also seek to maintain connections with friends and relatives. Our popular afternoon tea, for example, offers the opportunity to participate in a relaxing shared experience with loved ones within the home.

Where appropriate, we make use of community resources to maintain and enhance the lived experience for our service users.

Were are committed to continuous improvement and encourage input and suggestions from family and loved ones in helping us shape our approach to activities.